NO sound can someone please help



After changing my monitor I have no sound and cannot find the problem. I dont
know if a setting has changed when I uninstalled my previous monitor.

I have no sound from either my monitor or from my separate speakers if these
are connected instead using the monitor's sound.
On opening "Sounds and Devices" in Windows XP the following is showing.
Hardware - shows all hardware working properly.
Voice - "Sound hardware cannot play sound"
Volume - No Audio device - everthing is blanked out.

If I play a CD there is just a buzz from the speakers.

If I do a test in DirectX the I can get sound through my speakers

Any help will be appreciated

R. McCarty

There are a whole list of items to check starting with a TAB in the
sounds applet you omitted - Audio, Default Device Window. Is
there a device shown there ? If so what identifier is it ? ( This will
show the PCI Sound card or Chipset Audio. If empty you'll need
to re-install the drivers/support software for the sound. While most
audio is PC-99 compliant and uses the Lime Green socket for the
output many sound cards have configurable sockets.


Thanks for your prompt reply and help. I am now up and running with sound.
When I checked Audio it showed my default device as "modem". How this
happened I have no idea. I have managed to reinstall my drivers support
Thanks again

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