No shut down after sleep



Hello all,

I have a problem with the sleep mode.
When I use my computer and when I shut it down, everything works fine, the
computer turns off completely.
When I use my computer and when I set it to sleep mode, everything works
fine, the computer turns off , the fans aren't turning, the PC becomes
silent. Pressing a key on the keyboard, or moving the mouse, will switch the
computer on again, the wake up from sleep mode works OK.
The problem is when I want to shutdown after a wake up from sleep: the
computer seems to go to sleep mode in a normal way, the monitor turns black,
but then, the PC's case is still noisy, and the fans are still turning. In
fact, it's like Windows has turned off, but not the PC.
The only way I can turn it off completely is to keep the power button
pressed for about 5 seconds.
I'm sure the problem isn't here since the begining. I beleive this problems
happens since I installed the SP1 of Vista.

My PC:
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.
Motherboard : Asus P5K
VideoCard : some Asus Geforce 8.

Any help for this problem would be apreciated.


Answering to myself:
I updated the bios for the Asus p5k motherboard and it fixed the problem.

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