All the new modes like the Sleep Mode and Hibernate Mode



This might sound silly, but I can't seem to find the way to wake my laptop up
after putting it into the Sleep Mode.
I just got a new laptop, Toshiba Satellite A200-12V, and I tried the Sleep
Mode once and I couldn't turn it back on. I pressed the Power button, and the
power sign was on, but the monitor stayed off and the laptop was
unresponsive. I had to turn it off forcefully and restart it.
So I just use the Turn-Off Mode(this works fine), but if I leave it on for a
few minutes, it will go into the Sleep Mode automatically and the same thing
would happen again.
Is there a "special Vista" way to turn it on or is it my laptop?
I'm having a hard time changing from XP to Vista. Could anyone help me?:)




I had a similar problem with my Satellite (it would also inexplicably turn
the monitor off about every 10 computing hours) until I installed the ROM
update from the Toshiba site. Haven't been bothered since.

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