NO DVD audio with Media Player 10



Using a Voyetra/Turtle Beach sound card and Klipsch ProMedia 5.1
speakers. Both CD and DVD audio were fine using MediaPlayer 9.

Under Media Player 10, I have CD audio but DVD is mute.

Audio settings reflect correct output type and device....

Suggestions welcomed...





cliff hanger

Are you using any other software that came with any of these items?
I was experiencing a very simular problem myself.... I put it a new
DVD/RW in my computer... Could get audio only playing a CD. Movie would
play but with no audio....
It turns out that my Lite-on came with POWER-DVD... Which I had
installed... But it wouldn't play or even load up. WMP would still read
the DVD but no audio... I checked all the settings, the audio leads????
I eventually ended up @ POWERDVD's web-site and downloaded their
corresponding drivers and WALAW!!! Bingo.
The POWERDVD player worked with audio and my WMP also cranks out the
awesome sounds.
I hope this is some help to you.
Cliff Hanger

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