No contacts under Personal Folders


Pest Pro

I am running Windows Vista Home, Microsoft Office Professional 2007

I am having a problems with my contacts showing up under Personal Folders, I
have contacts at the bottom left hand corner of my page, where you can pick
which ones you want to show up (mail,tasks, notes, etc). But nothing along
the left hand side of my screen, where the rest of my folders are (inbox,
deleted mail, junk mail). So there is no way I can export or import my
contacts to a csv file. HELP

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I don't understand your question. If your Contacts appear when you switch to
Contacts view, then they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Where
else would you like them to be? If you are in Mail view, then obviously you
will see Mail folders, not Contact Folders. Did you not realize that Outlook
has many different views?


Pest said:
So there is no way I can export or import my
contacts to a csv file. HELP

Firstly what is your purpose in exporting? (Depending on your answer
there may be a better way of doing what you want to do)
Secondly. it doesn't matter whether the contacts showup in that view or
not - if you do File-Import and Export-Export to a File-CSV, you will be
able to select the Contacts folder from the dialog box that appears....


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