Backup Contacts as .csv file?



Hi! I am running Outlook 2007 on a WIn7 64 bit pc. I wish to do a backup of
my Contacts to My Documents. I am using File/Import and Export and exporting
Contacts as a .csv file. When the Wizard comes to the "Select folder to
export from:" window, there are four Contacts entries listed in the "Deleted
Items" folder. They are: Contacts; Contacts 1; Contacts 11; and Contacts 12.
Where did they all come from?! Prior to running the Wizard, I emptied the
Deleted Items folder, so I was expecting only one Contacts listing. There is
another Contacts folder (in the Wizard) under the heading "Personal Folders".
I assume this is the one I must do my export with. Advise me if this is
correct. Also, I am wondering why Contacts is not listed in the "Personal
Folders" in the Navigation Pane of the Outlook main window, (although it is
listed as a Navigation Pane button). Is this normal? I guess I don't really
need to have it shown in "Personal Folders" since I can access Contacts in
the Navigation Panel, and also from the toolbar above. Is there any way to
remove the Contacts listed in the "Deleted Items" folder? This would help
avoid confusion in the future. Thank you, Jimmy.

Russ Valentine

In what way is changing the format of Contacts to a non-Outlook format
performing a backup? Did you have some need to lose some of your data?
Why not use a supported method for backing up Contacts: make a copy of your
Outlook data file.

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