No Audio file support



Hi All,

I have a XP Embedded image created and can be boot up, but when I try to
play an audio file using any audio players(such as Windows Media Player or
Winamp), they all popup error message.

Windows Media Player Error:
"Cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the
hardware is not responding."

Winamp Error:
"Bad DirectSound driver. Please install proper drivers or select another
device in configuration.
Error code: 88780078"

Did I miss some components in my image? Or, something else I didn't do
during creating the XPE image. I had the DirectX component in the image.
Please help.



Martin Grossen, eMVP [AVNET Silica]

Hi Joseph

Your hardware audio driver is missing.
Check the Target Analyser log file.
You will find a warning, that there is no driver for your
audio HW in the XP Embedded database.
Search the Web for the driver (manufacturer or
and include the driver into your database and also don't
forget to implement it into your image.


Martin Grossen, eMVP

Franchise Manager Microsoft Embedded Europe

Your competent partner for Microsoft Embedded licencing



Thanks Martin. I got the Hardware audio drivers from the Motherboard Install
CD, and the audio is working now.

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