No audio device detected



No sound-speakers work. Open sound and audio devices and it says "no sound
device" (greyed out), open "audio" tab and realtek nor Sound blaster are
listed. Both installed. realtek (mother board) Sound Blaster add on (new).
Problem started before new sound card installed, (thought that was the
problem and purchased new card). What is listed is "modem #2" and "modem
#5". when highlited they do not offer any advanced or volume control,
(greyed out). Same is listed in output and input. Have deleted both and
reinstalled drivers for both. Listed in device manager as functioning
properly. The "modem #2 & #5" act as defaults. Does anyone have any advice?


You "may" have a hardware conflict with the Realtek and Sound Blaster
sound cards. Access the computer's BIOS setup screens and disable the
Realtek "on-board" sound features. This should "free-up" the resources
so that the Sound Blaster "should" be able to be configured.

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