No Audio Capture



Using Movie Maker 2.1. Having a common problem - no audio capture, but video
works just fine.

System Info: Windows XP Pro, SP2. 1GB RAM, 2.93 Ghz processor, 270GB worth
of free space.
Transferring video from old GE VCR. 4 RCA jacks in all - 1 pair audio/video
out, 1 pair audio/video in. Using ATI Theater 550 Pro video card. Card has
jacks for coax from source (in this case, VCR). Also has a jack for
accepting connection from ATI dongle (dongle holds S-video, 3 RCA,
yellow, white).

Coax runs from VCR to coax jack on back of ATI Theater card. S-video not
possible; no s-video jack on VCR. Have yellow RCA jack from video out on vcr
to yellow in jack on ATI dongle. Video works fine... Sound is the issue
(sound works great in all other areas...dvd play, mp3, etc). From audio out
jack on VCR to any of the other two possible connections on ATI

I am following up with ATI as well, but wanted to ask here as well...maybe
it's something simple that I am overlooking, and other folks can point to the
connection error I am making.



Well you know it is a common problem which suggests you have read at least
some of the hundreds of threads on the subject.
This further suggests then that you should know that the reason for your
problem is that Movie Maker doesn't work well if at all with analog
connections. Your choices:
1) Use the ATI capture software then convert the MPEG files to AVI for
importing into Movie Maker.
2) Use a video camera that has a digital pass-through option. Hook the VCR
to the camera and the camera to the computer.
3) Purchase a dazzle80 or similar video pass-through device you use in place
of the camera in option #2.

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