No 56K Modem Installed



I need to know what to do about a computer without the 56k modem
installed. I purchased netzero dial up internet service but on the
computer the 56k modem was never installed. It is a cable modem
without the phone modem. Windows 98 XP. Is there anything I can
purchase to install a phone modem or is this something that has to be
taken apart by a professional. The prices for internet through cable
is too expensive right now so just let me know what options I have if
any... maybe sometime of wireless modem or connection can used?

Please Advise



Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)


You can either purchase an internal 56k modem and fit it yourself
(cheapest), have one installed by a competent computer technician (should
not be too expensive), or get an external variant (most expensive)..

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