Next Ultimate Extra?



Is Microsoft ever planning to release other extras for Vista Ultimate
customers? I would expect them to include some kinds of software such as
those found in
Either letting Vista Ultimate users (Validation Required) download these
same software packages through Windows Updates *or* having Microsoft make
their own Vista customizing software and provide it as an Extra. It's been a
year! All they have released is a poker game (like every Ultimate user likes
poker), the DreamScene thing (which is cool at first but everyone just turns
it off ofter getting tired of it since it consumes too much resources),
BitLocker(which is nice for paranoid people), and language packs??? Is that
considered an extra??? Unbelievable...
Please merge a little bit more with Stardock to offer their software
packages as Ultimate Extras!



On the Bridge

Wait.. you got so many extra bugs and slowness that you didnt expect.. isnt
that surprise enough? LOL

MS is under pressure, they were working on SP1 full time and they are also
working on Windows 7 full time...

Vista had so many problems that it created a backlash of complaints all over
the world..

they had to address the problems first.. and unfortunalty the WOW was
ditched and the extras were pushed back.

Be thankful that the SP1 that is to be released soon actually improves vista
enough for it to be functional.

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