NEWBIE Question: How to install W2K server on to a Dell Poweredge 2600



Trying to resurrect a Dell Poweredge 2600 server with Dual Xeon 1.8
processor with RAID drives. The machine currently DOES NOT have an
operating system and I would like to install Windows 2000 Server on to
it. I have just the W2K Server CD. What do I need to get the box
booted so that I can get the machine to read the W2K Server CD? Are
they available to download from the Web?



John John

Go in the BIOS and set the Boot Order or Boot Sequence so that the
computer boots to the CD drive then boot the computer with the Windows
2000 Server setup cd. You may need to press F6 at the beginning of the
setup routine to load the proper RAID drivers (Mass Storage Device
Drivers). The drivers MUST be on a floppy diskette, the setup program
will not accept them from any other media source. Consult the Dell
documentation for more information. The drivers and documentation
should be available at the Dell support web site.


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