new to internet marketing - how to use Frontpage


Apr 16, 2017
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I'm a newbie in the Internet Marketing game and have acquired
several interesting looking products that I stored in a folder on my desktop.

But, when I go to the folder to examine my purchase I just see html
code, or (when I've downloaded the whole website) I only see more
code in a different format.

Some nice, kind person suggested I use Frontpage to reassemble
this code into a useable format that duplicates the website
that contained the product's sales letter, etc.

Unfortunately for me, the FP home page does not explain
how the process of using FP to convert the code back into
a language I can utilize (you know...understand) so I can rebrand
it, upload it, drive traffic to it, promote it, and, hopefully sell it.

What am I missing (besides everything) ;-}




Aug 8, 2005
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MS FrontPage was discontinued in 2003 and replaced by Expression Web, now in a free to download and install, version 4 that is no longer in development but considered entirely fit for purpose as a professional Web creation tool. EW4 is not WYSIWYG as was FrontPage and you also need to learn and at least have an understanding of HTML and CSS. The download link is:

To see a Web page you need to open it in your browser. What extensions do the files you have on your computer? They should be either [filename].html or [filename].htm and there may also be others. In File/Windows Explorer look, in particular, for a file named index.html or index.htm. Double click such a filename and it should open in your default browser. The name `index' indicates it is the unique Home page of a specific Website.



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