How to Share Pictures on my Forum

Feb 20, 2019
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I have a small educational forum of one of my friend's school. I have a moderator account on that forum.

My friend wanted to get my help and he asked me to upload the past paper samples on the forum. He provided me the scanned images in JPG format.

I am not sure how should I upload that to the forum. I can make a zip file and can provide a downloadable link in the single post, but that is not what he wanted. He wanted me to post the images.

The forum is hosted on Fatcow hosting account which provides unlimited hosting space with Fair Usage Policy.

The scanned images are about 1500...

Kindly advice me how should I upload the images on that forum?

Should I use the attach file option in the forum?
Should I use an image hosting service and then use the image bb code on the forum?
Should I upload all the images on Fatcow hosting and then link those images one by one in the forum posts?

Which method should be the best and save time? It should be effective as well... i.e the speed of the forum should not be affected. The hosting account should not be overloaded due to file usage limits.



Feb 23, 2002
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Yep, I'd always suggest using the attachment option - although it will take up a bit of space on your hosting, it's so much more reliable for the most part. If you run out of space, you could try using for hosting large images.

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