New profile or new account?



I am helping a friend set up her Outlook 2007 (she used to use Outlook
Express). I'm kind of in the dark because I don't use Outlook myself. In
OE, she would switch identities, using her main identity setup with her own
personal e-mail from her own host service, but she also received e-mail from
two different addresses from a different host for a volunteer group she is
in. Do I set up a new profile for her (under control panel), or a new
account? And does she have to close Outlook each time before she switches to
the new account/profile to check/send mail?

I'm sorry I'm so clueless.....

Oliver Vukovics

Hi Chicky,

Outlook do not have identities, Outlook has profiles but you can create
additional email accounts in one Outlook profile.

You can also send and receive with different email accounts.

"Add or remove an e-mail account"

"Setting Up Your Email in Microsoft Outlook 2007"

You can add both acccounts in one profile.

If you send an email you can decide which account you want to use.

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