Contacts List Lost.....



I am pasting a friend's dilemma below and hope someone can help her out.
I use OE, so can't be of much help.....but perhaps the cure is similar.

Outlook crashed on her and she emailed the following.....using a new
folder in the email part is OK, but she has lost her
book. Is it like OE where perhaps she overloaded it and she now seems
to have a new Identity?? Can she import the address book/contacts into
this new "folder" as she calls it??

And where or what is the Inbox Repair Kit??


Hi Heather, I'm on my way out the door to go to work. It's MS Outlook,
Windows XP 2002 professional. Obviously I'm using it but my contact
list is gone and I'm using it in a new folder. I can see the other
folders but it won't let me into them. Also the darn thing has been
running a mirror folder. So I see two and they are both the same. Now
there's three! LOL
It keeps telling me to use my Inbox repair kit to fix the problems and I
don't know what it is.


Inbox repair Tool = scanpst.exe (search to include hidden, its location
depends on version of Outlook)
Depending on her meaning 'new folder' it may be that she created a new data
By default the first data file is named outlook.pst, a second new data file
would be named outlook1.pst, and so on.
These are hidden files, she needs to open explorer, with the view hidden
files option, and see what pst's are listed and there sizes. Then run
scanpst.exe against the largest pst (with outlook closed)
Then within Outlook open this data file
see here for various outlook help

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