Change Name in AD Users & Computers issue


Nicolas Macarez

I'm running W2K3/E2K3 SErver, and Outlook 2003 as clients on the desktops.

Someone in my company got married, and she asked me to change her e-mail

I did change her name in AD Users and Computers (only the login name was
left as it is).

I set up her new e-mail address as a Primary address in her profile (AD
Users and Computers, Properties of the user, E-mail Addresses tab, add a new
address and of course keeping the old one).

The issue is that when she sends an e-mail, her recipient still gets a
message with her old name showing in the FROM field.

Where can I change this setting?

Help appreciated



Is she using outlook cached mode , if yes disable to cach mode and have her
profile sink with exchange,
also what DC she is logging into, you need to figure out what GC(global
catalog server) her outlook talking to
go to her pd
go to cmd
you will get output same as this one


make sure on this server(changes you made replicated) or the GC server
you may have to blow her profile on the local pc and re create again,

keep in touch how it goes


Best regards, Good Luck
Oz Ozugurlu
MCSE 2003 M+,S+, CCNA
Http:// (Blog)

Jacob M. Ross

You may also want to change the Exchange Alias value in ADUC. The alias
will still work as the old name if you don't. Meaning, in Outlook, your
users can still type:

jane.jones to get her old name/address
when you've changed the EMAIL address to (e-mail address removed)


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