new printer /publisher ? not available



When I re-installed my new HP wireless printer, WD said it "Detected changes:
service: hpqcxs08 file C:\Program files (x86)\HP\Digital
Imaging\bin\hpqcxs08.dll" under Advice it says to only permit the program if
I know the publisher. So I'm not certain I should permit it since under the
Select an action it says the Publisher " ? Not available". When I used this
printer before (last month) WD never flagged the software. I would really
appreciate any advice you can give me. I would much rather appear stupid,
then crash my system.


Bill Sanderson

This simply means that the code in question is not signed--a cryptographic
process which enables the user or a program to determine whether software is
from a particular vendor, and has not been modified.

Since you are intentionally installing the software, I think you can safely
permit this, assuming you got the driver software from a reputable source--a
cd from HP, or HP's web site.

I wonder whether you have changed the default settings in Windows Defender?
There's a checkbox that isn't checked by default that might give rise to
this alert.

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