new hard drive old one dying



My hard drive is dying click of death syndrome.
I used nortons ghost too clone my drive too a new one.
I get the loading screen then it goes too the shutdown
screen but never actually shuts down.
I have tried this several times now with no success.
my drive only has a short time put my own computers
together I have used ghost with 98/me/2000 when upgrading
hard drives and until now with xp i had few or no problems
i could'nt solve any help would be appreciated.




Richard, I can't vouch for ghost because I don't use it. I do know that he
copy and the image feature of Drive Image does in fact work with XP because
I have imaged and restored my hard drive several times. There is another
product called Image for Dos from, that
also works. The only problem is that it requires yet another drive to image
to and restore from. 30 day free trial on it.

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