New Document Pane 2007




On starting up Word 2003, you used to have the Task pane open at the same
time with the option of choosing a new document, template or saved document.
How can I replicate this in 2007? I am about to roll this out (2007) across
the biz and the task pane/new documment pane was a real time saver for the


Herb Tyson [MVP]

I think you're talking about the Getting Started task pane. That task pane
is history--it does not exist in Word 2007. The closest functionality you'll
get in Word 2007 is to click the Office button, then New. Unlike the Getting
Started pane, Word 2007's New Document feature is a large dialog box. But,
it's from here that you access different templates -- installed
(i.e.,Microsoft), My templates (ones you create), as well as a fairly good
method for accessing online templates.

You can make it a little more accessible by clicking the Office button, then
right-clicking New and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Or... if you
really want it to be there ready and waiting each time Word is opened, you
could delve into setting up & distributing automatic macros.

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