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I am trying to add data fields to one of the Word templates provided in MS
Office Accounting Express 2009. Help instructions indicate I see a "Document
Actions" pane that displays a list of eligible fields to insert into the
template. However, MS Word 2003 does not seem to have this feature. How do I
locate the Document Actions pane?

Graham Mayor

Although not familiar with the use of MS Office Accounting Express 2009,
fields in a Word document may be added in one of four ways depending on the
type of field. With Word 2003
1. Insert > Field
2. From the Mail merge toolbar -
3. From the Forms toolbar
4. Inserted from the keyboard using CTRL+F9 for the field brackets (not form

If you press ALT+F9 the fields in the document will toggle to display their
construction so that you can see what you are dealing with.
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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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