New Canon i960 Paper Settings?


M. Osborn

After watching this newsgroup for some time, I decided that the Canon i960
was the best choice to replace my aging HP-970 printer. I needed to get
away from the expensive HP cartridges, and really like the separate tanks in
the i960.

Many have reported that the Office Depot photo paper produces prints as good
as Canon's Photo Paper Pro paper, so I picked up some OD paper to go with my
new printer.

One question, though....should I use the setting for Canon Photo Paper Pro
in the driver for the best quality print, or some other type of paper?
Obviously, Office Depot paper isn't listed as a choice.

I love the's amazingly fast compared to the HP it replaced.




With the i960 I have successfully been utilizing the "Glossy Photo Paper"
setting with OD photo paper.
With earlier i950 model and the S800 and BJC8200 series, the Glossy Photo
Film setting was best. Unfortunately, that setting was not made available
with the i960. Inquiring minds would like to know why not? Anyone?

M. Osborn

Thanks for the advice.

I've no idea why Canon would drop the Glossy Photo Film setting, though.

Michael Grey

According to the website it is not compatible with the new series of




Man, how ridiculous is that...


Michael Grey said:
According to the website it is not compatible with the new series of

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