Printing on glossy paper with Canon LBP-5100



Just purchased the Canon LBP-5100 for home use with the thought that I
would be able to print out the odd photo. In the manual that came with
the printer it stated that glossy paper was not to be used. My
question is: As I would only rarely print photo's would I cause a
problem using glossy photo paper in this printer? Is there a glossy or
semi glossy paper that can be used in a Laser printer?


You would need to buy Photo paper made for laser printers. Laser printers
can not take Inkjet photo paper as that is coated. Due to lasers using high
temperatures to 'fix' the toner onto the paper the coating would come off
onto the drum in your printer and you would need at the least to have the
cartridge remanufactured so the drum part of it could be replaced.
Try a search on the web for the paper. It is around although I have noted
that shops like PC World have reduced what they stock.

Thanks Stick,
That's saved me a few bob on repairs:)

Arthur Entlich

Although there are laser printer gloss papers, they may not be safe for
all laser printers and toner types.

To be absolutely safe read the specifications of the printer and paper,
or better yet, contact Canon's customer support and ask if they can
suggest a specific brand or type of glossy laser printer paper before
testing it yourself.

Although most color laser gloss papers are safe for laser printers, the
temperature the fuser uses can be different with different printer
models, and some toners may not adhere to glossy laser papers, making a
mess inside the printer.


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