Network connection firewall icon disappears




I notice a padlock icon and a description -- "Firewalled" appears on the LAN
and 1394 Connection icons when I go to Start > Network Connections, but
sometimes when I boot the computer for the first time, or when restart the
it, the padlock icons disappear.

When I go to Start > Control Panel > Security Center > Firewall > Advanced,
I see that both connections mentioned above are behind a firewall. When I
uncheck those, the firewall is turned off and I get a warning about turning
it back on, which I do.

I wanted to know why those padlock icons disappear, and if my connection is
behind a firewall even if those padlock icons aren't present. (I can go to
the Windows Firewall settings and just click Ok and the padlocks icons appear

I'm running a fully patched version of Windows XP SP3, latest version of
IE8, and MSE with up to date defenitions.


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