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I have 2 XP Pro systems (A and B), connected in a network via a Belkin
router. System A is connected to my DSL line and I want system B to access
the Internet via system A. I've configured the network thus, and both systems
can see each other and access each other's files, but B can't access the
Internet. When I run the network configurator on each machine, it offers as a
default the reverse situation (i.e., system B connected to the Internet with
A connecting via B). On system A, when I configure the net as I want it, the
configurator says it can't complete the configuration. If I run it a second
time, it completes ok, but the next time I boot system A it has changed back
to the previous configuration.

I'm sick of running the net configurator twice (or even once) every time I
switch on - how can I make the set-up permanent?



Robert L [MS-MVP]

assuming you are using ICS, which IP range do you use?

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Robert L said:
assuming you are using ICS, which IP range do you use?

ICS? I'm not sure what that is. Since I'm in Spain, my version of XP is in
Spanish and it's sometimes difficult to resolve terminological differences.

I've been trying to configure the net with the Control Panel
program/service/whatever called (translating) "Network Connections".


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