Network Browsing Problem



i have a Windows 2000 AD which includes only the servers
(DCs/Member Servers). No client PCs are available. Client
PCs are located in different workgroups. Clients are not
accessing any server resources.
From the servers in the AD, i can browse the Workgroups,
but i can't access them from the computer name. No WINS
service available for clients but only the AD integrated
DNS available and the DNS entries are entered in client
PCs. And its taking long time to browse the workgroups.
There is no problem when accessing the domain.
But i can access the all the servers in the domain from
the workgroup clients.
Can it be a problem with the domain?
what could be the reason?
please advice



Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

Do you have any routers separating your servers from workstations ? Routers
normally block NetBios broadcasts which is generally a cause of this
behavior. WINS server would have solved this.


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE, MCSA, MVP
Microsoft MVP - Active Directory
(e-mail address removed), (e-mail address removed)

Thomas Kuborn

You need a name resolution service working properly. Either DDNS (2000) or
Wins (NT4).
Perhaps the servers are well configured for name resolutions & the clients
are NOT...hard to say from your problem description

Netbios broadcasts are only used when no name resolution service is working
properly... & it is true that broadcasts (netbios type) are
blocked by routers

Mr T

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