Win98 client can't login to the AD domain




I have demoted and repromoted a DC, in an AD forest due to
lack of free hard disk space on the DC. This DC is
physically situated in a different site and all subnets,
sites, site links are properly created in the AD. Before
demoting the server, the win 95/98 clients were abale to
login to domain.
But after promoting, only 2 win98 clients could abale to
login. But all the win2kpro clients can login without any
problem. There is a DNS service installled in this DC.
Only W2kPro client PCs and 2 win98 client pcs(the 2 which
are abale to login) details are available in DNS entries.
And there is a DHCP service also running on this DC. DHCP
service is configured to issue IPs, DNS server IP and
default gateway to the clients. No WINS is running in the

When i try to login to the domain from a win98 PC, it
says " No domain controller is available to validate your
username or password, You may not able to access some
network resources in the domain", and i have the 2
options "OK" and "Cancel". If i click OK and proceed, an
IP from the DHCP server(DC) is availabled in the PC. And i
can see the issued ip for the win98 clients in the DHCP
console in the server(DC).

Note: I have selected the Pre-Windows 2000 option when
configuring the active directory.

What could be the reason for this problem?
please advice

Thanks & Regards


Tim Hines, MCSA, MCSE

That error usually indicates a name resolution problem. You can try using a
LMHOSTS file on the 98 clients to determine if that is the case or you can
setup wins. The article below will tell you how to create the file.;en-us;180094&Product=w98

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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Thanks for the advice. Will do the needful and get back to



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