Network Bridge & Wrong IP. Help!



Delete the network bridge, you do not need to bridge your
connections on the laptop.
Try the following steps after you delete the bridge:
- Disable the firewall on the Laptop
- Enable file and printer sharing
- Try to connect the laptop to the Wireless AP and try to
ping the other machines.
Let us know if you still have issues
-----Original Message-----
I just bought a new Notebook and am trying to get it to
work with my Home Network. I have a DSL Internet
connection with a Linksys 4-port router/gateway behind
the DSL modem. I also have a Linksys Wireless Access
Point connected to the 4-port router/gateway. My
existing wired computers have been working fine. One
runs Windows 98SE and the other Windows XP Home. My new
Notebook has both wired & wireless NICs. I first tried
connecting with the wired NIC through my 4-port
router/gateway. It got its IP address dynamically and
everything seemed to work fine. Then I tried the
wireless NIC. Again it got its IP address dynamically
and I was on the net. Then I noticed, I couldn't see the
other systems on my network, so I clicked on the "Set up
Home or Small Office Network". After the wizard ran, I
had the network bridge containing both my wired &
wireless NICs. The default configuration for the bridge
is to "Optain an IP Address Automatically", just like the
configuration for the NICs. However, when I connect,
this doesn't seem to work and it falls back to
its "Alternate Configuration", which is "Automatic
Private IP Address". The address is a different subnet
than my Home Network, with no Gateway, DHCP Server, or
DNS Servers and of course I can't communicate on my
network or the Internet. I've only tried this with my
wireless connection so far. Why can't it get the address
automatically? What am I missing? I need some advice.

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