Network Bridging Issues



Ok, so I had a "Working" network bridge on my laptop, which is sharing a
wireless connection to my main PC. The problem I have is that I deleted the
network bridge and now I am unable to connect to the wireless network by
creating another network bridge.

The strange thing is, I setup the bridge the exact way that it should be and
previously have done before... The bridge is able to acquire an IP through
DHCP from the wireless network however, if I enable / connnect the crossover
cable from my main PC to the laptop, both PC's are now unable to connect to
the network / web. Keep in mind all the initial tests are configured on my
Laptop and it's Wireless Connection

Step 1: (Verification of network access)
Both Wireless Network and Lan adapter are enabled. The Wireless connection
has obtained an DHCP IP from the Wireless router and is able to browse the
web. The Lan adapter is enabled, but the crossover cable disconnected.

Step 2: (Bridge Setup)
Now, that I have verified that I have a working connection, I start to setup
a network bridge, between two connections. I select the Wireless Connection
then Lan Connection, highlighting both network adapters, (the network cable
is still unpluged during this time) and Bridge the connections... Windows
installs a Network bridge between both connections.

Step 3: (Bridge Verification)
Good... the connections are both bridged and, now, "should" be able to use
the wireless connection as the DCE. I verify that the Bridge has acquired an
IP, Yes, it's acquired an IP through DHCP, and has the correct subnet, mask,
and gateway.

Step 4: (Connecting)
Ok, so I have a valid IP, so now I should be able to connect to the network
/ web. I open Internet Explorer and wait, IE is establishing a DNS
connection... Finding site:; that's not right. I refresh the
connections and still unable to connect.

Now I return back to network connections and display the properties of my
network bridge, IP is valid, gateway is valid. Verified both connections are
utilizing the Bridge, both are selected. Ok, so I open properties and
manually configure TCP/IP, still unable to connect to the network/web, i've
attempted several IP's from the same subnet that are not being used... still
unable to connect. So, I connect the network cable in (shouldnt matter),
still unable to connect.

Step 5: (Final approach)
Ok, this is all fouled up... so I delete the Network Bridge, refresh my
connections and Hey, I'm connected, but no bridge... so I know again that I
"should" be able to connect via my network bridge. So a few advanced things..
checked my arp table... shows the correct DNS, but not too sure about the
mac, so I clear it arp -d also /flushdns to be sure and cycle the laptop.

I'm logged back in and repeat the above steps. This time I was unable to
connect to the network/web via Network Bridging via DHCP, but after I
staticly assigned an IP to the bridge I was able to connect. I then connect
the ethernet to the Lan and enabled the corresponding network connection on
the main PC (connecting to the Laptop); before I proceed further I /flushdns
and arp -d. I re-enable the lan adapter and it will not acquire a DHCP
address, I also staticly assigned an IP and still unable to connect.

I proceed back to the laptop and attempt to connect again, but this time I
am unable to connect and is attempting to locate the DNS, if I delete the
bridge again and attempt to connect directly to the Wireless connection all
is fine.

Final Thoughts:
Windows XP Network Bridging is foobard! Any suggestions?


Just to note... Setting up ICS, through the dialog is not possible. Being
that the ICS, reserved, IP ( is already in use by the WiFi

I also do not have direct access the the WiFi AP, nor web admin privs. It
could be that the AP needs to be cycled. However, the strange thing about
this is that it was working great before I disabled (deleted) the bridge, now
it just will not work.

Could use some insight on this issue, please reply.

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