Network App launching form on client machine



Is the following possible with windows forms, or is there a better way
to do it?

Have a windows forms application residing on a network server, working
like a service.
This will launch forms on client machines depending on group policy in

So the network app will just send the form to the client machine? The
shape of the form is stored in config files.

Anyone any thoughts / ideas on this? I am a web programmer firstly and
have done some small bits like this for windows forms, but I wanted to
stay away from installing s/w on all client machines that's why I am
thinking of having the app on network server.




ClickOnce is not an issue here I don't think, we don't worry about
install or deployment because the application will be installed on one
central server say and really all this is doing is launching a small
form that will be clicked and send data back to a central data store.So
is that spawning apps, I suppose so, is that the only way to do this,
copy an app down to machine, launch process from there, can the server
app not launch the process? I am not sure of what way this would
happen, but any suggestions are welcome.



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