Netware users assign to DCOM security


Rickey Nguyen

I have a client/server application where access to the server from a client
is via DCOM. The DCOM configuration access is default given to a Windows
domain user. But now I need to assign a Netware user to use this
application. Does anyone know how I can assign a Netware user with
permission to launch in dcomcnfg.exe?


In Disguise

Does this user not have a Domain account? If not, then you'd have to
create one for them, then grant access.


Wont Novell pass over the logged on Novell username and password in its
first attempt to authenticate ? If you had a domain account with same
username and password shouldnt it authenticate automatically ?

Just a thought...dont take as guaranteed

In Disguise

Are you also using a Dynamic Local User policy? If so, you have to
disable it.

I've run into this in the past with medical applications that require
M$-domain authentication.

I ended up working with them to get DirXML in as a connector. Works great.

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