DCOM error 10017



After turning on DCOM logging, this is the event message we’re seeing in the
System log when we try to enable Exchange 2007 support in DRA:

Severity: Error
Event ID: 10017
Source: COM
Category: None
The machine default permission settings do not grant local access permission
to the COM server application C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DRA\DRAExchShell.exe to
the user domain\serviceaccount {SID}. The security permission can be modified
using the Component Services administrative tool.

(DOMAIN\SERVICEACCT {SID} is the actual domain, DRA service account, and its

However, we have explicitly granted the DRA service account all “Allowâ€
permissions under the Edit Limits sections of the My Computer COM Security,
as well as on the ExchShell COM application. We also rebooted the machine
completely after every DCOM permissions change.

We are calling ExchShell COM application under another DCOM server

Please suggest the solution ASAP.


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