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I have 2 XP SP2 computers. This morning I received a Framework 1.0 priority
update for computer A. I downloaded it and it installed without a problem.
I received a Framework 1.1 priority update for computer B. It downloaded
and failed with error 643.

I have always kept my computers current with recommended updates using auto
update. If either computer received a 1.1 update from MS, I would have
downloaded it. Even if I hadn't download 1.1 on computer A, I don't
understand why I wouldn't have continued to receive the 1.1 update request.

Why do my 2 computers have different versions of .NET Framework? Why would
the priority update installation fail on 1.1? Should/can I try and update
my 1.0 computer to 1.1?

Thanks for your help.

Bill W

In an attempt to keep both computers at the same version, I removed (using
Add/Remove Programs) 1.1 from the computer that had 1.1. It removed without
a problem.

Now when I look at the list of programs to remove in each computer, the
computer that had 1.1 does not show 1.0 in the remove list. The computer
that did not have 1.1 shows 1.0 in the remove list. When I run auto update
for the computer that had 1.1, I do not get a recommended update for 1.0
like I did for the other computer. How can I tell what version of Framework
I currently have for the computer that had 1.1 (that I removed)?

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