[.Net Framework 3.5] Error code 1603 Solution

Feb 15, 2009
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If you`re reading this thread right now; i`m guessing that installations of Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 continuously fail on your computer .

This is how i solved the problem on my family`s Windows XP laptop. (I`m only 12, so please don`t blame me if it doesn`t work >.<)

Steps :

1.) Go to : My Computer > Local Disk (C) > WINDOWS .

2.) Locate the file "Microsoft.NET" . Inside the folder, there should be another folder titled "Framework". Inside "Framework", there should be a folder titled an older version of .NET . There should be a couple files inside that folder.

3.) Go back to "WINDOWS" .

4.) Delete the entire folder called "Microsoft.NET".

5.) Try re-installing .

If this works, then, good job :) .
If it doesn`t work, then maybe it was just a fluke on my family`s computer .

But what i thought when i deleted the file Microsoft.NET, was that during the installation of .NET 3.5, the setup was unable to automatically delete/overwrite the leftover files of your older version of .NET, so the new files could not be copied to the correct operating file.

Please reply if this works for you, and give credit if you suggest this way to others :)

Hope it helped ;
-Sarah .


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