need unsorted (record order) view in explorer



I often have a need to see and manipulate a drive or folder's contents
in unsorted order, but can find no way to do this in Windows Explorer
or My Computer. The View menu offers no UNSORTED option.

Here's just one reason why I need unsorted order:
I copy music files to my flash drive and then listen to them in my
car. In the car (like on MP3 cd's), the player always plays the file
in record (unsorted) order. I listen to perhaps half the songs, then
bring the drive back in the house to delete what I've heard and add
more songs. With Explorer, I cannot display the songs in the order I
listened to them; instead, the songs I listened to are scattered
throughout Explorer's lists, making it difficult to delete the ones
I've listened to.

Is there any way to do what I want? I'd be happy to install a third-
party program that has the capability I need.

Grady Bradley

Mark L. Ferguson

When you copy them, also modify them slightly. Then sort by date modified
(added by rightclicking the column headers in details view.)


No, I don't want to "modify slightly" the hundreds of files I copy to
my flash drives. My question was "is there a way to see the files in
unsorted (i.e., record) order with explorer and, if not, is there a
3rd party file manager which will do this?
Many thanks,
Dec 27, 2020
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I have had the same trouble for decades. There is only one way around it. Open a cmd prompt window and pretend you are back in the old DOS days. If you do a "dir" command, the files will be listed in the order in which they were written to the media. If you copy them, it will do the same. Nobody at Microsoft seems to be able to understand why anyone would want unsorted files. I have tried.

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