How do I find top 3 in an unsorted list?



I have a list of data that is unsorted (and I cannot sort the data for
special reasons), but I want to find the 3 largest in a its like
using the MAX function, but I need MAX 1, MAX 2nd, MAX 3rd. Here is an

Company 1 $200,000
Company 2 $100,000
Company 3 $500,000
Company 4 $550,000
Company 5 $212,000

I would like to pull in order the 3 largest

Ideally I would like to pull the corresponding company also.

Please help me out. Thanks!

Peo Sjoblom

You can also use autofilter, from dropdown select top 10 and then change it
to top 3, that way you will get a filtered list according to your needs and
the companies will be filtered accordingly

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