need to find & save fields to 2nd table



I'm trying to make inventory database. We use corp.-wide software for
ordering but confusing when ordered items arrive in the lab. We can also
unexpectedly run out of stock on hand. Have PRODUCT, ORDER, SUPPLIER tables.
I want to track items currently on order, delete ORDER records when they're
received + adjust PRODUCT quantity. User orders an item then uses this db +
enters order data(item ID#,#of items ordered, order date[to calculate avg.
delivery time for this item], PO#).
How can I find + select an item in current PRODUCT table (if it's there)
then return to order input form with the data + save new record to ORDER? I
tried to run a macro (open PRODUCT, inexact find) from item entered in txt
box on a form based on Append qry then return to form with item data but
doesn't work. How to grab the selected Item field & display on form? Use
DLookup() here? If this works, will pass onto IT techs to improve. I don't
know VBA, SQL but trying to understand the code, examples on ms MVP sites.


Look at the Northwind sample database that comes with Access. It has an
Inventory system like what you describe. Go to C:/Program Files - Microsoft
OfficeXXXX - OfficeXX - Samples - Northwind.mdb. If you need help with your
inventory database, contact me.

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