Need Help with Creating a Database



I am trying to create a database using access. I want to store the
current inventory of boxes and other moving supplies. When i sell an
item from this inventory to a customer, i want to store that
transaction and reduce that item in the inventory. How can i do this?
I am confused in setting up the relationships between the tables. I
know that i would need these table:
(1). Customer table
(2). Order table
(3). Product table
But how do i represent, for example, " A customer purchases many
products in one order" and how do i decrease those items quantity in
the product table.


You've posted this same question to 4 different groups. It is rarely
necessary to post to multiple groups, but if you do you should
cross post by selecting multiple groups at the same time. That way,
an answer in one group shows up in all groups that the question was
posted to. Then you don't have multiple responders repeating the
same efforts. The people that respond here are volunteering their time.

Mike Revis

Having said that.
Look at the inventory database that is included with your Access software.
If you have specific questions you should post them to one group.


William Heard

Dont you have to have a website to do that because I'm trying to create a
website and I can't.

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