Need Help With an XP SP3 program



I am trying to install and use a program I found called
ANYFILETYPECONVERT. The installed program gives me an error saying I
must have one of these in order for it to run:


I tried all three, and all failed, saying

KB2468871v2 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your

Any suggestions?




J. P. Gilliver (John) said:
In message <[email protected]>,

Sorry, no, but crossposted to where you're likely to encounter more
viewers - yours was the first post I'd seen in m.p.w.customise for
months if not years.

A search on that installation, gets me here. There are links
off this page, to a "web install" or a "Standalone Install"
of the original 4.0.

The OP needs to install .NET 4.0 first. I've noticed that some
stupid program installers now, need .NET 4.0. On Windows 7,
..NET 4.0 will not install unless SP1 is installed. So not
only is .NET 4.0 a snotty addition to your computer, it is
also picky about its friends. I would hope SP3 would be
enough for WinXP, but who knows.

1) Find a .NET 4.0 installer, and install the software.
2) Run Windows Update, and make sure the .NET is fully up
to date. If any updates are pending, do them, then go
to Windows Update and check again. Maybe that way,
you'll pick up NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x86.exe . The .NET
will then waste your time, re-compiling some stuff, and
you may see the disk light flash for a while. When it
settles down, go back to work :)

I think I had to install .NET 4.0, to get a trial version
of CorelDraw to install.


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