need help uninstalling win 2000 pro



I need help uninstalling windows 2000 pro. I have it and
win 98se installed seperate on my computer. so i have to
pick which one to use at start up. I accidentally did a
clean install instead of upgrading win 98se to win 2000
pro. So i need to uninstall win 2000 so i can then upgrade
my win 98se to win 2000 pro. Any help in this matter would
be greatly appreciated.

Dave Patrick

You can boot with your Win98 startup disk and issue the command
sys C:
this will rewrite the boot sector, then you can delete these files boot.ini,
ntldr,, bootsect.dos, pagefile.sys and possibly ntbootdd.sys
from the root of the System partition C:\., then you can delete the Windows
2000 boot partition or \winnt directory which ever the case.

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