Need help installing hard drive



My secondary (not boot) SATA hard drive went bad and I have obtained a replacement under warranty from Maxtor. Plugged new drive into my Dell PC having Windows XP Home and configured BIOS to auto recognize secondary drive. But My Computer doesn't recognize the drive -- no drive letter assigned. Device Manager recognizes the drive and reports it is working OK. I want to be able to access the secondary drive.

In the administrative tool Computer Management -- Disk Management both drives are shown in lower right window. Here's what is shown there:

Disk 0 (boot drive): Basic, 111.76 GB, online. Two partitions are shown in upper & lower windows: 39 MB FAT Healthy; Drive C: 111.72 GB NTFS, Healthy (System)

Disk 1: Basic, 114.49 GB, Online. The drive is not shown on the upper window. In lower window, the drive area is crosshatched with the words "114.49 GB, unallocated."

Right clicking on Disk 1 (the secondary drive) in Disk Management gives the options New Partition, Properties, and Help. For partitions, there are two options to choose from in the partition wizard. For properties, this is the same as Device Manager.

What must I do to get the drive recognized by My Computer? Do I partition? If so, what kind -- primary partition or extended partition?

Please note that no installation CD came with the replacement drive.


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