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Nov 5, 2013
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What I need to do is create a database that maybe is not so crazy as the one I have created. Here is the idea behind the use of the database. ---- We have models. We are charged monthly by our Lawyers for different models and different reasons. (application process, payments, search in other countries etc.) We want to do an analysis of the cost of each model for the month and then what Lawyer and Employee is attached to that model that month. So here were the fields I used.

Description of Model ---ID Number ---Country ---Process of model (New, Pending, Granted or General)---- Monthly charge---- Lawyer Name---- Lawyer Amt ----Lawyer 2 ----Lawyer 2 amt ----Employee ----Employee amt -----Employee 2 -----Emp2 amt ----Annuity -----General

This is the information I am tracking. I create a new table for each month of the year. So to get yearly totals of information I had 12 tables to pull from.

My question is there should be an easier way to create this and track. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
My knowledge is advanced on using access except for writing SQL and vb. (I just can't think what I need to do) UGHHGHGHGHGH

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