Nasty NTBACKUP Problem.



Just built an NForce 4 / AM2 system, with HP USB DAT72 tape drive.

Intially the backup, using NTBACKUP, worked fine. At this point the system
was patched to SP4, but no more than that.

Since applying all post-sp4 patches to date, NTBACKUP will run if launched
directly, but not if launched by the scheduler. It will also not run if the
scheduler's commandline is copied into a run.. box, suggesting that it's
choking-on something in the commandline itself. I can't alter the
commandline without causing other problems, though.

Symptoms are that the backup main window appears, but no backup proceeds, it
just sits there for a few minutes, then self-closes. A report that 'NTBACKUP
has generated errors' follows.

Anyone know if a recent Win2000 patch has issues with NTBACKUP? If so, would
save me a lot of donkey-work trying to identify which of 20-30 patches is

Moral: if it works.. leave it alone. :(




As a matter of interest it was a bug in the HP driver.

Surprise...? Nope. :-/

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