Mystery External Data on PivotTable



I have been creating templates in Excel and recently I
have been encountering some error messages with these
templates. The issue that is arising is that when I
attempt to save a workbook as a template, it says that
there is external data associated with the workbook.
There is no external data or queries defined for these
files. It saves fine as a workbook but creates this
error when attempting to save as a template. I have gone
in Visual Basic Editor and there are no query files
listed for any of the spreadsheets within the workbook to
delete. Also, I have run macros suggested by MS for
finding external data and the data it says is external is
my source data which has been created specifically for
that workbook. Any ideas or suggestions that you have
would be greatly appreciated. I'm guessing there must be
some hidden global template data in Excel that is being
applied with each template I create but I cannot locate
this data. Much obliged for all help!



Nick Hodge


Are you pulling data off something like another database or similar? What
this is telling you is not that there is some code but an external data
source, internet, database, AS400 etc which is supplying the data. If you
save it as a template it is warning that the data may not be there when

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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