loss of Pivot functionality in compatability mode



Hi there,

I have a problem with MS Excel 2007;

One of my regular tasks at work is to generate a series of reports from data
in our access database. This was done manually i.e. run the access query and
copy the recordset into an excel workbook and then produce a Pivot report in
a second tab using the raw data in the first. I would then have to save this
spreadsheet in 97-2003 format (we use 2007 internally but most of the people
the report is intended for are on 2003) before distributing it. There was
some minor loss of functionality in this process which seemed to be mainly
formatting issues, however everything still worked.

Recently I produced a set of Excel templates with data connections to the
access queries so that part of the process would be automated. The intention
would be I would open the template and then save the workbook that it
produces in 97-2003 format and then distribute. However, despite it being
exactly the same recordset and table formatting I get a significant loss of
functionality and the Pivot reports do not work at all in the 97-2003
version. Any idea why?

please help!



Barb Reinhardt

Have you looked at your Pivot Source? I've seen funky things happen there
when files are saved to team sites.

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