Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables



When I set conditional formatting in data columns of a pivot table in EXCEL
2007, the formatting is lost when the pivot table is refreshed.

Shane Devenshire


A known bug I have reported to Micorost in the past, lets see if it gets
By the way it doesn't happen to all conditional formatting.



If you're using Excel 2007, the key to Conditional Formatting in Pivot
Tables is the way you select the range.

In a PT you cannot choose the range by dragging the mouse from $E5:$13 (for
example). You will lose the range as the PT grows & shrinks. You must
select the range by selecting [your field name] value as the range.

1. Select [your field name] value range you want CondFormated. By moving
the cursor to the top edge of your field header [your field name]. Left
click, when you should see the cursor change to an arrow.

2. Conditional Formatting, New Rule (Do not go directly to the "Data Bar"

3. All cells showing "[your field name]" values for "[segment]" (option3).
Note: If you don't select the for "[segment]" option, the Data Bar will be
included in any Sub or Grand Totals.

4. Format all cells based on their values, Format Style (dropdown): "Data
Bar", OK.

Hopefully this helps.

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