Excel 97 Pivot Table not compatible with Excel 2003


D Bremer

Is there a way to share/ use a pivot table in Excel 2003, when it is created
in Excel 2007 and saved as the previous version?




Shane Devenshire


You subject line says Excel 97 but you post suggestes 2007.

Pivot tables made in 2007 are not compatible with 2003. When a 2003 user
opens them they will not be able to do anything with them. When they are
returned to 2007 the will regain their functionality.

If you want to make a pivot table compatible - open Excel 2007, save the
file as a 2003 file, close the file and reopen it in compatibliity mode.
Make your pivot table. Save and close it. Open it in 2003. It will work.

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