Mysterious blank page in print preview



I have a coworker who was working on a manual for one of our products. He
called me over to help with a Word 2003 problem. It seems that somehow there
was a blank page printing in the middle of his document. The blank page
did not show under any of the views except print preview. When in the normal
layout all that was visible was text, section break, text. The same for the
print layout. However when using the print preview or when actually printing
the document, there was a blank page.

We tried removing the section break and reinserting it but that did not
work. Without the section break the text flowed together on one page, but
when placing the section break in the middle, a blank page appeared. I
finally just cut and pasted the entire document to a new document. This was
successfully. Fortunately this document was not terribly long or complicated
so this did not take long.

Has anyone had any experience with this? How were you able to remove the
mysteriously hidden blank page?




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