Insert formatted "blank" page before odd section break?



Word 2003.

I have a long document and I'd like to insert a formatted blank page before
an odd section break. The typical odd section break creates a truly blank
page, which looks out of place in a long document. I'd really prefer to have
the headers and footers included.

I have embedded code, but it doesn't appear to work.

{IF {=MOD({PAGE},2)=0} "" "<page break>This page is intentionally left
blank.<section break (odd page)"}

First, I use the IF field to conditionally check the page number at the end
of a section. If it's even, do nothing, else it's an odd page, so insert a
blank page with some text before starting a new section on an odd page.
{=MOD({PAGE},2)=0} should return 1 for even pages, but 0 for odd pages.

Is there something wrong with the syntax? It keeps printing an unformatted
blank page w/o the text whenever the section ends on an odd numbered page.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Tony Jollans

I think the field code in that article is the same as yours.

The reason yours doesn't work is that you are using Odd page Section Breaks.
The blank page inserted by Word is truly blank - it does not contain
headers, footers, or anything else, (I guess Word throws two consecutive
page skips direct to the printer when it deems it necessary) so your field
simply isn't there to be evaluated.


If you look through printed books that begin each chapter on the
recto, you'll find that it's unusual (though perhaps not unheard of)
to put header/footers on an otherwise blank verso.

But there are or were some weird postal regulations about not being
able to get the periodical mailing rate if there are any blank pages
in a publication, accounting for the idiotic "This page intentionally
left blank" notice sometimes seen nowadays.


Hi Brandon,

You might get better results with:
{IF {=MOD({PAGE},2)=0} "" {QUOTE 12 "This page is intentionally left blank."}}<section break>
Note that the section break follows the field, instead of being within it, and you don't need an 'odd page' section break. The '12'
in the QUOTE field creates the page break.

Also make sure you create all the field brace pairs (ie '{ }') with Ctrl-F9.

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