My taskbar suddenly changed in the lower right corner.



I no longer have the < stretch button with which I can hide or show the
programs in the lower right corner. Now
it looks like a line like this |
Is this common ? I can not get it back the way it was before no matter what
I try. The problem started
with the "stretch" button disappeared and instead
looked like this -_ like corrupted. How do i get it the way it was before ?
Is there anyway to check if my windows is malfunctioning.



That does not explain the question I asked, but thank you anyway ! I have
never changed this setting before, that is the problem -> it changed or some
made it change itself.


I have the same problem, and I have changed the settings you described, but
it does not work. I tried the same thing at my friends computer and there I
was able to easily change it to hid/unhide unused icons. Also I am sure Im
at the right settings menu, so there´s something else that´s wrong.

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